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Washington Hudson

Washington ‘Wash’ Hudson was born in 1849, In Eagletown, Indian Territory and died in August as one source states or in November of the year 1897 which I believe to be the more correct date.

He is buried at the old Eagletown Cemetery in Eagletown Oklahoma, but has no headstone.

His Census Card number was #675. He died before the Dawes enrolment so has no enrolment number.

Washington was the 1st Son born to Judge James Hudson and Ahobatema.

He is said to have built a log cabin near Eagletown and lived there with his Wife Fances Bohanan and their Children.

Note: If anyone has any further information on Washington 'Wash' Hudson and any pictures we would like to add them here as this is all we know at present.

The Spouse of Washington 'Wash' Hudson

(Married in 1876)

Frances Bohanan

Born: 1860, Indian Territory. Died: August 1928 in Goodwater, Choctaw Nation,


Dawes #1616; Census Card # 675 Enrolled at age 39 or 42 on another record she is listed as full blood and bares the name Francis Thompson using her 2nd Husband's name.

Father, Joshua Bohanan. Born August 24th 1819. Died: November 24th 1891. He was the son of William Bohanan Sr. Born 1780 , Died 1832 at age 52 and was said to be a Presbyterian Minister in Mississippi before the removal.

Her Grand-Father William Bohanan Sr. also fought in the War of 1812 in Mississippi.

His Rank being that of Pack Horse Master as shown on a nuster roll of the feild and staff of a detachment of Choctaw's under command of Col. John McKee.

He may have fought in the battle of Econochaca Creek on Jan. 24th 1814 and the Battle of Camp Defiance on Jan. 27th 1814.

Her Grand-Mother's name is not known, but is said to be a Fullblood Choctaw Woman who had married William in Mississippi and their entire family came over the Trail of Tears.

Family tradition maintains that she was of some relation (possibly a Daughter or Niece) of a Chief of the Choctaw's in Mississippi.

Her Father Joshua Bohanan was born in the Choctaw Nation in Mississippi and died in the Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma, he was 72 years of age.

He is burried in Spring Chapel Cemetery. He was the owner of a store in Eagletown, Indian Territory.

He married four times. 1st Wife was Ishtemiah the Mother of Sampson. His 2nd Wife was Elizabeth Woods the Mother of Harmon, Andrew, and Thomas B. - His 3rd Wife Serina Chastain was the Mother of Emma Jane, and Brazil.

His 4th Wife was Louisa Christy who was nick named 'Sissy' was born in 1830 and the Mother of Fances, Jacob, and Elizabeth.

The Father of Louisa Christy was Joe Christy and her Mother was Emiline Sexton.

Frances is quoted as saying: "We would go to Church every Sunday at the Philadelphia Church in Goodwater, about three miles from where we lived, (in Eagletown, Indian Territory)". 

Note: Ernest Hooser now 90 years old who is the Grand-Son of Peter James Hudson and Amanda Jane Bohanan says that the spelling is Bohanan which was told to him by his Grand-Mother. 

Excerpt from "Life and Times of the Choctaw Original Enrollees" by Wesley and Charleen Samuels: page 147. Article on George Hudson:

"Indian doctors used herbs and roots to cure illnesses. My uncle, Sampson Bohannon was a medicine man," George said. "It was a gift from above." "He would make teas from herbs. He wouldn't let you know what was in the tea. He would gather things from the forest to doctor people with. One time at a camp meeting, Mother had a facial stroke. Her mouth was pulled down on one side. Someone went to get my uncle. He had a piece of bull horn about three inches long with a hole in it. He broke a brown snuff bottle, took a small piece of the glass and wrapped it onto the end of a stick with some thread. He hit my mother on the side of the neck, in a vein, with the glass and made blood start coming out, then put some cloth with coal oil on it down into the horn and set it on fire. While smoke was still coming out of the horn, my uncle put it on the place where he'd made my mother's neck bleed and sucked on the end of the horn to make more blood come out. She got over the stroke." 

2nd Spouse of Frances Hudson

Married in 1899

Thomas Thompson

Born: abt 1878

Died: 10:35AM April 5th 1902 at the age of 24 of Pulminary consumption (TUBERCULOSIS OF THE LUNGS) at the Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary Hospital, Kansas. He was from Eagletown and was listed as a full blood Choctaw with the Dawes roll #1615 card 675 enrolled age 21 and his Father and Mother are listed there as George Thompson and wife Lucy

#1 Lucy Grace Thompson

Born on 13th of October, 1899

Died on the 4th of June, 1956

She married Rayson Going

Rayson was born on 12/30/1895 and he died on 8/27/1987 in Talihina, Ok.

Rayson's Roll#1096 & C.C.#526

Rayson & Lucy married on March 6, 1917 in McCurtain Co.

Rayson was the son of Gibson Going and Sophia Impalumbia.

Gibson Going Roll #1091 (Parents John Going and Montima)

Spouse: Sophia Impalumbia (Parents Adam Epalumbe and Lucy Epalumbe*see below)

Children of Gibson & Sophia Going:

Osborne son

Vinson son

Salina Daughter

Rayson son

John son

Isom son

* Descendants of Adam Impalumbia

1 Adam Impalumbia b: April 1844 in Indian Territory.

. +Lucy Unknown

..... 2 Sophia Impalumbia b: January 25, 1873

........ +Gibson Going m: Abt. 1892 b: 1860 in OK

..... 2 Sealy Impalumbia b: February 1878 in Oklahoma

........ +Edison Jefferson b: April 1875 in Indian Territory.

2nd Wife of Adam Impalumbia:

. +Lowinie Unknown m: Abt. 1880 b: April 1857 in Indian Territory.

..... 2 Josephine Impalumbia b: May 1881

..... 2 Abbester Impalumbia b: March 1892 in Oklahoma.

........ +Elizabeth Unknown m: Bef. 1910 b: Abt. 1870 in Oklahoma.

..... 2 Sylvester Impalumbia b: May 1890

........ +Silway Jones m: Aft. 1903 b: June 09, 1892 in I. T.

..... 2 Ennis Impalumbia b: July 1897

The children of Rayson & Lucy Going:

#1 Dollie Dellas Going born: 5/18/1918 died: 6/27/1996 Haworth,Ok.

#2 Samantha Going born: 12/31/1919 died: 4/19/1999

Married Dess Neal in 1939 Latimer Co. Lived in CALIF.

#3 Ruby M. Going born: 11/01/1921 died: 4/03/1992

Married Etley Albert Stotts born: 12/08/1916 died: 4/03/1992

#4 Vernola Pearl Going born: 12/09/1922 died: 2/28/1926

#5 Rayson Gibson Going born: 1/19/1926 died: 3/11/2001 in Texarkana,Tx.

Married Ruth B. Veiter

Rayson G. Going, 75, passed away March 2nd, 2001 at Wadley Regional Hospital in Texarkana, Texas. He was born January 19, 1926 in Watson, Okla-homa to Rayson Gibson, Sr. and Lucy Thompson Going.

Mr. Going was a welder, retiring and making his home in Broken Bow, Oklahoma for the past 15 years. He also taught welding. He served in the U.S. Army and was a veteran of World War 11. He was of the Presbyterian faith.

He was preceded in death by his parents; wife, Ruth Bveiter Going; two sisters, Samantha Neill and Dollie Scott, and two brothers, John Going and Joe Going. Survivors include sisters and brother-in-law, Ruby Stotts of Oklahoma City, Frances and Clyde Neill of Tom, Oklahoma, Mabel McGuire of Bethany, Oklahoma and Virginia Williams of Guthrie, Oklahoma; brother-in-law, Dess Neal ofvTalihina, Oklahoma; sister-in-law, Loretta Going of Shawnee, Okla-homa, and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

#6 Josiah C. Going born: 4/15/1928 died: 4/2000

Married Maggie (last name unknown)

#7 John A.M. Going born 3/24/1930 died: 1/30/1999 born in Tom, OK.

#2 Luther Thompson

born abt 1900

Emma Jane Bohannon Interview

The half-Sister of Fances Bohanan Hudson

Emma Jane Bohannon was born 01-29-1877 in Eagletown, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.

Her parents were Joshua Bohannon and Serena Chastain Bohannon.

Her father was born in the Choctaw Nation in Mississippi on 08-24-1819 and died 11-24-1891 in the Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.

Her mother was born in Georgia in 1858 and died 05-27-1887.

Both parents are buried south of Hugo, Oklahoma in the Spring Chapel Cemetery.

“Joshua was a grown man when he came over the Trail of Tears with many other Choctaws from Mississippi.

He never would talk about or discuss this horrible experience.

He was full blood Choctaw and spoke very little English and not very well when he did.

With him being full blood and my mother was white; somehow, I was only enrolled as one quarter Choctaw.

I married Raphael Wilson who was born 06-09-1870 and died 03-26-1925.

I had a half sister, same age of my mother and she married Wash Hudson at Eagleton.

Her son, Peter Wayland Hudson was born 08-29-1877.

He was a land appraiser for the Indian at Hugo.

My father had a sister by the name of Susan Bohannon Spring.

She was the mother of Billie, Levi and Tom Spring.

Her husband was a German whom she married in Mississippi and migrated to Indian Territory with the Choctaws.

When we lived around Hugo and Grant, an old black woman came up to our house, walking, and was hunting Ole Marsa.

She was old Aunt Cilla Cole and she walked all the way from Eagletown to see us.

She had been a servant for my parents after I was born and said she had nursed me.

I was sent to school at Wheelock so she came there and did laundry for the school.

She called me her baby and treated me as her child.

I was told that when we were living somewhere around Spring Chapel, three of us girls were rocking in the rocking chair in front of a fireplace.

All of us fell out and one fell into the fireplace and burned to death.

She was Selma Sanguin and was a daughter of Charlie and Susan Spring Sanguin. She was only five years old.

My husband, Raphael was the last District Judge of the Eastern District of the Choctaw Nation before Statehood.

He was a representative in the Choctaw Council and Sheriff to Townson County.

Emma Jane Bohannon Geneology

Birth: 29 JAN 1877 Eagletown, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

Parents: Father: Joshua Bohannon. Mother: Serena Chastain

Marriage: 16 JAN 1896 in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

Spouse: Raphael Franklin 'Rafe' Wilson

Birth: 9 JUN 1870 Oak Hill, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

Death: 25 MAR 1925 Valliant, Choctaw County, Oklahoma

Parents: Father: John D. Wilson. Mother: Jane James


William C. Wilson

Birth: ABT 1897 Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

Death: ABT 1899 Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

 Torn Wilson

Birth: ABT 1899 Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

 Raphael L. 'Young Rafe' Wilson

Birth: 1901 Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

Eleanor Wilson

Birth: ABT 1903 Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

Green McCurtain Wilson

Birth: ABT 1905 Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory

Waldo Wilson

Birth: ABT 1907 Oklahoma

Concerning the murder of

Washington 'Wash' Hudson & Thomas Amos

Washington 'Wash' Hudson was killed on a road from Ultima Thule, Arkansas, to his home.

Foster Fobb and Jones James waylaid him on the road and shot him and killed him and his brother-in-law, Thomas Amos (a deputy sheriff of Eagle County) in November 1897.

Washington Hudson who was 48 years old at the time was coming home at night.

He had hauled cotton to DeQueen, Arkansas, for Thomas Amos his sister Harriet's husband.

Thomas Amos and Peter Wayland Hudson ('Big Dad') who was 20 years old at the time were on horseback behind the wagon.

Big Dad's younger brothers, Roar Hudson 15 years old at the time and James W. (Jimmie) Hudson 12 years old at the time, were with their father Washington 'Wash' in the wagon.

None of the party was armed.

Their wagon was stopped in Buck Creek bottom in a valley that is now known as 'Death Valley'.

Two men, Jonas James and Foster Fobb came up on either side of Thomas Amos and grabbed his horse's reins. (The two men were obviously armed.)

Fobb shot Washington Hudson as Wash attempted to grab the end of Fobb's gun.

The gun fired and shot off the arm of Washington.

Fobb's second shot went through the heart of Washington.

Thomas Amos handed the reins of his horse to Big Dad (Peter Wayland Hudson) and told him to take them away from there, for the horses might run off, and he (Thomas Amos) did not want to walk home.

Thomas Amos told Big Dad to go get Daniel H. Hudson their uncle and brother of Wash Hudson, who was the current sheriff of Eagle County, and get him to inspect the scene.

Big Dad did as he was told and got Daniel up out of bed.

Then he went on to his home and told his mother Frances Hudson (Bohanan).

He got his gun and asked some relatives to go back to the scene with him.

James and Fobb went back to their home that was right off the road.

Later the two killers went into Arkansas.

The whole affair stemmed from a grudge held by these men against Thomas Amos (a deputy Sheriff of Eagle County), who had killed their uncle Pierre Farbour for harboring a fugitive named 'Pero'.

Thomas Amos was the husband of Washington Hudson's sister Harriet C. Hudson (Amos), so the two men were brothers-in-law.

Thomas Amos had been the previous sheriff of Eagle County; and he was fatally wounded in the ambush as well, which a killed Washington.

Daniel Hudson was a brother of Washington Hudson. Following Washington's murder, his widow, Frances Hudson (Bohanan), sent Peter Wayland Hudson, her oldest son away from Eagletown to Tuskahoma for fear that he would take vengeance on his father's murderers and be sent to the white man's prison for that revenge.

Wash Hudson was killed instantly, but Thomas Amos was able to drive two miles to Buck Creek where he died.

The outcome of this shooting was that Foster Fobb, several years later while awaiting trial at the U. S. Jail at Antlers, committed suicide by slashing his throat two times with a borrowed pocket knife.

Jonas James was sent to the penitentiary for this crime."

(Told By Mary Frances Olive Wood in an interview with her grandfather Peter Wayland Hudson. Additional notes by Sharon DeLoache, sister of Mary Frances Olive Wood.)

   The Children of Washington 'Wash' Hudson and Frances Hudson

#1 Peter Wayland Hudson

Born: August 29th 1877 - Died: July 7th 1969 - Dawes Roll Number 5673; Census Card #1980; age 24; FullBlood Choctaw - Birthplace: Eagletown Indian Territory Oklahoma - Married: March 14th 1901, Tuskahoma, Indian Territory.

 The Spouse of Peter Wayland Hudson:

Myrtle May Campbell

Born: April 24th 1882, Stringtown, Indian Territory - Died: May 12th 1956, Talihina, Latimer County, Oklahoma - Dawes Choctaw by Marriage, Roll #711; Census Card #1980; enrolled at age 20; Caucasian Father: William Campbell (Born: August 6th 1847 in Washington County, Arkansas Died: 1901) Mother: Mary Elizabeth Baggett (Born: July 12th 1857 in Vandalia, IL Died: 1931)

#2 Loma Hudson

Born: 1881


Roar was born on March 2nd 1882 and passed from this life on Friday April the 28th 1933 at 3:15 p.m.

He is buried in the Eagletown Cemetery and had the Dawes roll #1617; census Card #675; and was enrolled at the age of 17; and is listed as a Full-Blood Choctaw which he was.

Roar is pictured here in the year 1900 at age 18 with his Sister Sophie age 13.  

The Spouse of Roar Hudson:

Alice McCoy

Born: July 7th 1875

Dawes Roll #2603; Census Card #988; age 22; Full-Blood Choctaw.

Birth Place: Eagletown, Indian Territory.

Father: Philliston Meshambe later adopted the name McCoy.

Mother: Sukey or Ilona

Recollections of Alice Hudson (McCoy)

Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma

Date: February 9, 1938

Name: (Mrs.) Alice Hudson

Post Office: Eagletown, Oklahoma

Residence Address: Two miles east of Eagletown

Date of Birth: July 7, 1875

Place of Birth: Eagletown, Oklahoma

Father: Philiston McCoy

Place of Birth: Eagletown

Information on father: Stockman and Farmer

Mother: Sukey McCoy

Place of birth: Near Eagletown

Information on mother: Housekeeper

Field Worker: Levina R. Beavers

Interview: #13178


It seems that caravans of Indian emigrants, under the guidance of United States troops, made their way across the southern part of the Territory to which they had been assigned and small companies of them would drop out from the main body and make settlement at intervals along the trail and Wheelock, coming next to Lukfata, was the last settlement east of Fort Towson which was the tentative end of the journey. However, it did not acquire the name Wheelock until several years later.

A philanthropist of that name who lived in one of the eastern states and whose sympathy had been aroused in behalf of the Choctaws and who was a zealous Presbyterian selected the place to erect an academy for the education of Indian children and Wheelock endowed the institution with sufficient means to make it successful until such time as the Federal Government could come to the rescue, since which time the Tribal and Federal Governments have made this school one of the best Indian schools in the state.


(Regarding Eagletown)

This historic village (Eagletown) is located on a hill about a mile and a half east of Mountain Fork River on what is known as the old Military Road, which passed through the county from the Arkansas boundary in a southwest direction to Fort Towson.

After months of hard travel over mountains and across many streams a few of the Indians were anxious to end their journey and settled at the first desirable place they found in their new country.

The place was given the name of Eagletown or rather "Eagle" to which the word "Town" was afterward added; later on a high hill on the west side of the river, Chief Gardner built a mansion in which he resided for many years.

On this road, to the river bottom, stands the largest tree in the state; it is a cypress tree and measures forty-three feet around at a distance of three feet from the ground and its top is on a level with the surrounding hills.

The tree is now showing signs of decay.

It has forks about thirty feet from the ground and in its many huge branches are homes for swarms of bees.

The Obituary of Roar Hudson

McCurtain County Local Newspaper: May 4, 1933


Roar Hudson, full blood Choctaw Indian living near Eagletown, passed away last Friday afternoon at 3:15.

He was affected with tuberculosis of the bone and had been bedfast for over a year.

Last October one arm and one leg were amputated in an effort to save his life.

Mr. Hudson was 50 years of age at the time of his death.  

He is survived by his wife Alice Hudson (McCoy), two sons, Cleo Hudson of Vinita, Okla., and George Hudson of Eagletown; three sisters, Mrs. Thomas Byington, of Goodwater, Okla., Mrs. Abner Going of Watson, Okla., and Mrs. Rayson Going of Eagletown, and two brothers, Peter (Wayland) Hudson of Antlers and George (Washington) Hudson of Talihina.

Funeral services were held at Eagletown, Saturday afternoon, Rev. J.J. Land officiating.   

Interment at the Eagletown cemetery, Skaggs Funeral Home in charge.

Below, Roar Hudson and son Cleo Hudson is named in court files: The Lawsuit was filed on August 16, 1929 and settled October 24th 1939 in the Supreme Court of Oklahoma Note: This shows how his name was spelled… It was 'Roar'

"That at the same time and place the said Paul Stewart directed the said Dave Walker to endorse a check drawn on the Idabel National Bank of Idabel, Oklahoma, in favor of Dave Walker in the sum of $400 and signed by Norris Tisho, guardian of Thomas Tisho, Dora Tisho and Elouise Tisho, minors, and a check for $100 signed by A. I. Thompson, guardian of Joseph King, a minor, and a check for $200 signed by Mrs. Lily Whisenhubt, guardian of James S. Kennedy, a minor, and a check for $200 signed by Roar Hudson, guardian of Cleo Hudson, an incompetent, all of which said checks were made payable by said guardians to Dave Walker."

The Children of Roar and Alice Hudson

#1 Cleo

Born: Jun 26th 1903 - Died: Jun 29th or November 2nd 1934 - Dawes NB #966; Census Card #1069; age 2; Full-Blood Choctaw

#2 Calvin R.

Born: Feb 3rd 1905 - Died: January or June 6th 1926 - Dawes NB #965; Census Card #1069; age 1; Full-Blood

Calvin Hudson, a son of Roar Hudson and Alice Hudson (McCoy) was educated at Jones Academy.

He finished high school at Broken Bow, played football and was well thought of by everybody who knew him.​

One Sunday afternoon a bunch of young people came out from Broken Bow to play baseball at a field about a quarter from Calvin's father's home, so he went and joined them and played until late.

After supper he made his pallet of quilts on the floor to sleep on.

All at once his father and mother heard a gun. They ran out there and he had shot himself. They notified Doctor Sherrell at Broken Bow who came at once.

The doctor asked Calvin why he shot himself and he said he was tired of living.

He died in a few hours.

The Children of Roar and Alice Hudson continued

#3 George

Born: Apr 3, 1913

Died: May 3, 1972


Glen Hudson


George Hudson

#4 DeWitt

Born: 1915


The Children of Washington and Frances Hudson continued

#4 Jenny

Born: 1884

Died before the Dawes enrolment of the family in 1900

#5 James W. ‘Jimmie’

Born: Dec 7, 1885 - Died: Jan 24, 1909 - Dawes Roll #1618; Census Card #675; age at enrollment 15; FullBlood

Spouse: Amanda Christy

The Children of James W. Hudson & Amanda Christy

#1 Wesley James Hudson


Edna Wilson


#1 Michael Dennis Hudson

Born October 26, 1953

Passed away Sunday, March 17, 2002

Spouse: Rae Mae Sissons

Born Nov. 25, 1943 Arkansas City, KS

Married December 25, 1975 in Idabel, Oklahoma

She passed away on Feb. 28 2007


#1 Timothy Owen Sissons (Stepchild)

Born on April 27, 1968 In Arkansas City, KS.

#2 Larry James Hudson

Born on Oct. 2, 1976 in Pawnee, OK

Spouse: Ruth


Dennis Alan Hudson

Born on sept. 14, 2002 in Blackwell, OK

 Larry is shown here with baby Dennis Allan

#3 Eddy Rhea Hudson

Born Oct. 19, 1979 in Okemah, OK

Spouse: Karmella Hudson (Larssen)


Andrew Michael Hudson

Born Aug. 11, 2005

Eddy and Karmella Hudson shown here with thier newborn Andrew Michael Hudson

#4 Christie Michelle Hudson

Born Sept. 3, 1980 in Claremore, OK


#1 Caitlyn Rose Askew

Born Jan. 8, 2002 in Blackwell, OK

Father: Edmond Askew

#2 Ashley Rhea Griffin

Born Jan. 16, 2007 in Fort Worth, TX

Father: Sean Griffin

 Obiturary of Michael Dennis Hudson

Longtime Ponca City, Oklahoma resident Michael Dennis Hudson, 48, passed away Sunday, March 17, 2002 in the Via Christi Regional Medical Center.

A Full-Blood Choctaw, he was born October 26, 1953 in Talihina, Oklahoma to Wesley James Hudson, Sr. and Edna Wilson Hudson.

Michael grew up in Eagletown and graduated from high school in 1971.

He attended Southeastern College, Okmulgee Tech and Northern Oklahoma College.

He and the former Rae Mae Sissons were married December 25, 1975 in Idabel, Oklahoma. 

They made their home in Eagletown.

Mike was a direct descendant (of the brother) of Chief George Hudson and was proud of his heritage and bloodline.

He was a member of the Mountain Fork Presbyterian Church of Eagletown and of the Choctaw Nation.

He enjoyed watching OU Sooners football and basketball. All his life he was a devout OU fan.

He also enjoyed hunting and fishing and he took much enjoyment in his kids and grandkids.

His father and his cousin/best friend, Larry Cole, preceded him in death.

Survivors include his wife; daughter, Christie Michelle Hudson of Ponca City; two sons, Larry James Hudson and wife, Ruth, of Tonkawa, Oklahoma and Eddy Rhea Hudson and fiancé, Misty Dick, of Ponca City; one stepson, Timothy Owen Sissons of Ponca City; his mother, Edna Wilson Hudson of Talihina; a sister, Theda Jefferson of Eagletown; two brothers, Gene Wilson and Wesley James Hudson, Jr., both of Eagletown; one granddaughter, Caitlyn Rose Askew; one step-granddaughter, Brittany Deann Ellis; and many nieces, nephews, cousins and other relatives and friends.

Children of Washington Wash & Frances Hudson continued...

#7 Winnie

Born: 1887 - Died: 1900 - Dawes Roll #1620; Census Card #675; age 10; Full Blood

#8 Adeline 'Ida'

Born: 1891 - Died: 1921 - Dawes Roll # 1621; Census Card #675; age 8; Full Blood


#1 Jacob Hudson

#2 Julius McClure

#3 Walter McClure

(Who had the Dawes Roll#3245)

#9 Caroline Hudson

Born: 1894 - Died: 1968

Dawes Roll #1622; Census Card #675; Enrolled at age 5. Full Blood

#10 George Hudson

Born: Feb 2nd 1897

Died: July 16th 1995

at 6:15 p.m.

Dawes #1623; Census Card #675; Enrolled at age 2.

Full Blood

1st Spouse:

Betty Fitzpatrick

Born: July 15th 1903

Died: June 10th 1930

at age 26


#1 Charles Eugene

#2 Bernice

Note: For full family history of George Hudson, please go to his page.

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