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Mr. Hudson is said to have been a Caucasian man from Mississippi who was born sometime during the 1770s and is said to have died sometime before the removal to Indian Territory in 1831.

It is told that our first ancestral male who bore the name Hudson had originally been a Hildebrand by birth, (his first name unknown) that he had been adopted by a well to do Hudson family, and that he had from that time forward bore the Hudson name as his own.

This Mr. Hildebrand/Hudson was later to become the husband of a full blood Choctaw Native American woman who is named 'Widow' Hudson in the Armstrong Census Rolls recorded in 1831 in Mississippi right before the Choctaws were forced to migrate to the west.

The Spouse of Mr. Hudson: 


Mrs. Widow Hudson, the Daughter of the Choctaw Captain, Mr. Meshambe was born in 1768 in Mississippi and was a Full blood Choctaw Native American of the Haiyip Atukla Clan who died on the Trail of Tears during the winter of 1831 during the first removal of the Choctaw?s from their Native Lands.

She was 63 years old at death. Her Father was the Choctaw Captain Meshambe, a full blood Choctaw Native American from Mississippi who died on May 24th, 1857 in Indian Territory, now Oklahoma. 

It is told by Mrs. Hudson's Grandson Peter James Hudson, that Mrs. Hudson died on the Trail of Tears in 1831 on the way to Indian Territory, which was to become the State of Oklahoma, and she is said to have been buried in an unmarked grave somewhere along the trail as it headed west from Mississippi where they lived originally.

Her husband, Mr. Hudson is believed to have died sometime before this time and nothing seems to be recorded or known about his life otherwise. There is also a statement by Peter James Hudson that Mrs. Widow Hudson was an older sister of his mother Ahobatema. 

Thus making his Grandmother, Mrs. Widow Hudson one of the daughters of Captain Meshambe as was his Mother Ahobatema. In yet another statement, Peter James Hudson says that the Choctaw tradition was that the Tribal Clan name was passed on to the children through the mother, and he says his Mother, Ahobatema was from the Apehka Clan and that his father, James Hudson was from the Haiyip Atukla Clan through his mother Mrs. Widow Hudson named above. 

This would make the two sisters coming from two different Choctaw Tribal Clans and the only way that would have worked is if the two sisters had been born of different mothers but had the same father, which is very likely.

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