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Harriet was born about the year 1850 and she died in May or June in the year 1902. Her proof of death was filed on Dec. 12th 1902.

Her Dawes Roll #1606 Card #671 and she is listed as Full blood at age 52 when enrolled from Eagletown but was 3/4 blood.

 Note: Her enrollment was cancled by the Dept. of Interior on July 18th 1904. Her application for enrollment was cancelled due to her death prior to the Dept. of Interior accepting membership filed before the deadline of 25 Sept. 1902.


Thomas Amos

Born: 1846

(Creek decent)

Died: November 1897

Thomas Amos was murdered along with his Brother-in-law Washington 'Wash' Hudson in November of the year 1897. (see Wash Hudson's page for details)

Notes: Peter James Hudson writes: "They were married in 1869 in Indian Territory at Eagletown in the Hudson Home that was bought from Cyrus Byington in 1867 by a Choctaw Missionary named Charles Cook Copeland. Missionary was heading back east and had stayed the night at the Hudson home, the next day he preformed the ceremony and left on his trip.... he died enroot before reaching his destination."

Notes: Peter James Hudson writes: "Pierce Homa was a brother of Cornelius, Silas and Wallace Homa, and had lived at my father's home, which was the old Cyrus Byington place. He and I had played together as boys. He was named for President Franklin Pierce and was the son of Filitahoma, a Creek Indian captured by the Choctaws during the war of 1812. He also had a brother named Folehoma, meaning "red stick", who had been chief of one of the Creek clans and was also in the war of 1812. My brother-in-law, Thomas Amos, was a nephew of Filitahoma and Folehoma. These two Creek Indians, after being captured, having been adopted by the Choctaws accompanied them in their migration to the west."

The Children of Harriet & Thomas Amos

#1 Sarah Amos

Born: 1871

Murdered in 1892 by Nelson Christy

Spouse: Simeon Winship

Born: Sep 26, 1869 in Battiest, McCurtain Co., OK,

Died: Dec 11, 1929 in Ponki Bok Community, Eagletown, McCurtain Co., OK.

Married about 1887.

Father: Tobias Winship

He was born Abt. 1849, and died Bef. Apr 1881 in Nashoba I.T.

Mother: Mary A. Labor

She was born Abt. 1849 in Nashoba, OK, and died 1928 in Ponki Bok Community, Eagletown, OK.

 The picture below shows (on the left) Eliza Dyer Winship (The last wife of Simeon Winship) and (on the right) Mary Winship (a daughter of Eliza and Simeon Winship) the grand-daughter of Mary Labor Winship.

Children of Sarah Amos and Simeon Winship:

#1 Virginia 'Virgie' Winship

Virgina is here pictured left of Aron Dyer in back row and is standing on the left of her last Husband Thomas William Everidge who has the suspenders on. Thomas William was the son of Judge Joel W. Everidge.

"Did William have blue eyes? I had an elder relative who said he was a 'blue eyed Choctaw. She also said 'Virgie' Winship was showing off an engagement ring she had received from Zack Gardner during the last Indian Stickball game played in the area around Broken Bow. She was shot the same evening. Here is some information for you. Thanks for sharing. This just about confirms the woman in the picture to the right of Wiliiam is Virginia Winship.

Source: I received this from along with a picture of Will and Virginia which I can't post here but will email to you if you like. 

Virginia was born: about 1889

Died: May 12th 1912

Note: Preeman J. McClure raised her after her mother was murdered and she was herself murdered on May 12, 1912 by her 2nd Spouse.

Preeman McClure 1/8 blood - son of Isaac McClure and Laura McClure, married Laura Dyer 1/2/blood daughter of James Dyer and Malinda Labor..

note: P.J.McClure is gaurdian of Virginia Winship on Choctaw card #342 Petition for adoption fied Dec.16,1902...P.J.Preeman b; abt.1864 - Laura Dyer b; abt. 1878...Virginia Winship the Daughter of Simeon Winship and Sarah Amos...

1st Spouse: Abner Clay

(Married about 1907)

2nd Spouse: Thomas William Everidge aka 'Willie Everett'

(Married about 1909)

#2 Anderson Winship 'Andy'

Born: about 1891

Died: Jan 23, 1904 (Pushmataha Record file# 1027 Pg. 135)

Dawes Roll # 1180

Andy Winship’s horse stepped in a gopher hole and threw him off his horse and killed him.

Virginia's 1st Husband, Abner Clay was killed by Henry Stiff, and then she married Willie Everett and lived with him for several years, but then separated from him and later got a divorce.

A few weeks after she was divorced, Willie Everett went to the house of Aaron Dyer, where she was staying with some of her people, and he struck matches looking for her at each window until he located her.

He shot her while she was asleep and she never knew what struck her.

The bullet went through her heart and went on through her little girl's head, but the child lived on until 1926.

Sarah Amos (Winship) like her Daughter Virginia was murdered.

It was at the hands of her sweetheart in the year 1892.

She had been married to Simon Winship but was divorced from him at the time and was staying with her cousin, Enos Tonihka while she was teaching Indian children at Kullichito.

Her sweetheart was named Nelson Christy. (A relative of Choctaw Chief Jefferson Gardner).

Three years before, he had killed her cousin Dora Hudson (Born: 1873); she was his wife and he had been hiding around from this former murder.

After he killed Sarah he shot himself and died a few hours later.

She is buried in the Eagletown Burial Grounds and has no headstone.

The Children of Harriet & Thomas Amos cont....

#2 Annie Amos

Born: 1874

Died: March 9th 1930 (or in 1922 according to Grand-Daughter Reba Titsworth) In Bennington, Oklahoma.

Dawes #9745; Census Card #3414


John Labor - (Mexican decent)

Born: After 1860 in Arkansas

Lived near Bennington, OK, in 1937

Died: 1944

Roll #1179

Father: Houston Labor Sr. a full blood Mexican. He rode a fine horse which pranced around in an open place where everybody could see him. (at a Choctaw Temperance Meeting, according to Peter James Hudson who was attending the metting.)

Houston married a full blood Choctaw girl in 1899 named Mary Impvlummi.

They had 3 sons Houston Jr., Willie, and John Labor who later settled around Bennigton, Oklahoma.

A daughter of Houston Labor Sr. named Malinda Labor who was 1/2 Choctaw married James Dyer Sr. a prominent and leading member of the Six Town Clan, who was a Presbytarian Preacher and who held many offices under the Choctaw government.

Note: "There were at least two Malinda Labor's. The Malinda who married James Dyer, Sr., was the daughter of the elder William Labor." Note Source: Tiajuana King Cochnauer, great granddaughter of Malinda & James


#1 Ethel May

Born: 16 July 1899 in Bokchito I. T.

Died: ?

Roll #9746


1st Husband was George Stoker/Stokes m: Abt. 1919

2nd Husband was Alva Branch m: Aft. 1920

#2 Caroline

Born: 26 April 1901 in Bennington I. T.

Died: ?

Roll #9747

Married: Clyde Ashford

#3 Isaiah

Born: 19 May 1905 in Bennington I. T.

Died: ?

#4 Everett E.

Born: 31 March 1907 in Bokchito, Bryan Co., OK

Died: Jan 1971 in CA

Married: Wava Dell Johnson m: 1929 in Durant, Bryan Co., OK

#5 Laura

Born: 7August 1909

Died: Dec 2, 1994 in Bokchito, Bryan Co., OK

Married: William M. Armor b: Sep 22, 1906 d: Mar 3, 1984 in Bryan Co., OK. Buried: Bokchito Cemetary, Bokchito, OK

#6 Baby Labor (stillborn)

Born: 1910

#7 Bertha 'Tillie'

Born: 20 March 1912

Died: Jun 1, 1995 in Bryan Co., OK

Married: Clint Dill b: Abt. 1912 m: Abt. 1932


#1 Reba (Titsworth)

Born: ?

Still Living

#2 Everet

Born: ?

Died: ?

Source: Reba Titsworth, Daughter of Bertha

& From

The Children of Harriet & Thomas Amos cont.…

                   #3 Allen E. Amos

Born: Jan 15th 1881

Died: Jan 27th 1974 @ 2:30 pm.

Dawes #1608; Census Card #671; enrolled at age 21; full blood Choctaw

  Wife: Lena Wilson 

Lena Wilson's census card # is 528. Her enrollment is # 1105.

Her parents were David Wilson and Wicy Wilson. She is buried in Panki Bok Cemetery, south of Eagletown. Her headstone says 1900-1939, but her birth affidavit in her Dawes application packet says August 13, 1899. She died on March 19th 1939. 

From the McCurtain Gazette, March 22 1939

Mrs. Allen Amos

Eagletown, March 22--Funeral services were held Tuesday at 2 p. m. at Ponki bok cemetery near here for Mrs. Allen Amos, 38 with Rev. J. J. Land in charge.

Arrangements were under direction of the Coffey Funeral home of Idabel.

Mrs. Amos died at a Talihina hospital Sunday following an operation for appendicitis. She is survived by her husband, two brothers, Cole and Calvin Wilson of Eagletown and several other relatives.

Calvin Wilson was a Choctaw Code Talker in WWI. 

Note: Source of Lena Wilson's information provided by her Great Niece, Mrs. Margaret Wilson McWilliams - Thanks Margaret!

Allen Hudson says below:

 "It is at Ponki Bok (Millertown -website edit) that the oldest church building in the state is located; it was built of stone, quarried near its site in 1846 and notwithstanding the fact that it is approaching the Century mark (in 1839), is in a fair state of preservation at present.

There is an unfortunate circumstance in connection with this old church as the land on which it is situated is on the allotment of an individual and the existence of this church depends on the will of the present owner or on the wills of future owners.

Surely there is patriotism enough in the state and among prominent Indian families to save this relic of past history.

Allen Wright, an old and learned Indian Missionary of the Presbyterian faith, is buried in the cemetery at this place and many of his deeds are recorded on his tombstone and about one half mile west of Wheelock is the old residence of Governor LeFlore, a large double log house, the flooring and ceiling of which were rived of white Oak and dressed by hand."

Note: Source of above information: Indian Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma - Date: February 12, 1938 - which says - Name: Allen E. Amos - Post Office: Eagletown, Oklahoma - Date of Birth: December 3, 1881 - Place of Birth: Near Eagletown, Oklahoma - Father: Thomas Amos - Place of Birth: Eagletown - Information on father: He was an officer - Mother: Harriet Amos - Place of birth: Eagletown - Information on mother: Housekeeper - Field Worker who submitted info: Levina R. Beavers.

The Children of Harriet & Thomas Amos cont...

                                                                                     #4 Anthony Amos

 Born: 1882 or 1979

Died: Jul 21st 1932

In McCurtain County

Dawes #1607; Census Card #671; enrolled at age 23; Full-Blood Choctaw

Spouse: Sarah Foster (Fob) Amos Born in 1896

(Interesting name she has there)

Shown here with Wife Sarah Foster and their 1st

Child Raymond J. Amos. 


#1 Raymond J. Amos

Born: ? Died: ?


#1 Raymond J. Amos Jr.

#2 Rachel Jean

Born June 11, 1939 in Eagletown Ok.

Spouse: Jack Day

#3 Mary Jane

Born: Jan 13, 1942 in Eagletown Ok.

Spouse: Franklin Simpson

#4 Leola J. (Pete)

#2 Josiah (Doc) Amos

Born: October 3rd 1918 in Ponki Bok near Eagletown Oklahoma

Died: December 10th 2007

Spouse: Annie Mae McKinney

His body was cremated and sprinkled over his wife's grave that is buried at Sunnylane cemetery in Del City, Ok.

Josiah Amos, 89, passed away December 10, 2007. He was born October 3, 1918, in Duncan, Oklahoma. A beloved father, grandfather and friend, Josiah lived a long and a good life.

He touched many hearts.

He will be greatly missed but never forgotten. He was preceded in death by his wife, Annie Mae; his sons, his mother and brothers.  

Survivors include his children, Dorothy, Rufus, Naomi, Truman and Louise; his grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends.

#3 Marie Amos

Born: ? Died: ?

#4 Sylvester (Buster) Amos

Born: September 23rd, 1920

Died: November 3, 2006


Nova Janet McNulty

Married on December 21st 1949 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


#1 Stanley John Amos

Born: ?

Spouse: Jackie

Born: ?

#2 Winston Anthony 'Tony' Amos

Born: July 1954

Spouse: Annette

Born: May 1966




 #3 David Allen Amos

Born: ?

Spouse: Debbie

Born: ?

#4 Nathan Keith Amos

Born: ?

Spouse: Sherry Deloras Taliferro

Born: ?


#1 Stephanie Amos-Valdez

Born Sept. 10th, 1988

Married: Josue Valdez on May 30th 2009

#2 Zachary Nathaniel Amos

Born May 3rd, 1993

#5 Sarah Janette

Born: ?

The Obituary of Sylvester Amos:

The Rev. Sylvester Amos, 86, of Hobart, Oklahoma, passed away November 3, 2006, in Lawton.

He was born September 23, 1920, in Duncan to Anthony and Sarah Foster Amos.

He grew up and attended school in Eagletown, near the Kiamichi Mountains.

He entered the Army and served during World War II.

He fought in the European Theatre and upon his honorable discharge in September 1945 he was awarded several awards, including the Purple Heart, Distinguished Unit Badge, Bronze Star Medal, Good Conduct Medal, EAME Service Ribbon and one Silver Service Star.

He married Nova Janet McNulty on December 21, 1949, in Tulsa.

He attended Haskell College in Kansas, Bacone College in Muskogee, and Northeastern College in Tahlequah, where he received a bachelor's degree.

He then attended the University of Oklahoma, Norman, receiving his masters degree.

He taught at Fort Sill Indian School for several years.

The Rev. Amos moved to Michigan for the ministry.

He served in home missions for the United Pentecostal Church and worked among the Indian communities.

He began new churches.

At that time, he also began work for the railroad.

He was transferred to Baltimore, Maryland, and continued working until his retirement after 20 years with the railroad.

He continued to work as a bi-vocational pastor and he began three new churches during his time in the Northeast.

He returned to Oklahoma, starting new churches in Saddle Mountain, Frederick and Hobart.

He also was the Pastor of Apostolic Faith Church in Frederick.

He continued his civil service, working for the post office in Hobart and Oklahoma City, retiring in 1996.

He retired from the ministry at the age of 81.

He was preceded in death by his parents; two brothers, Abel Thomas Amos and Raymond Amos; and a sister, Marie Amos.

Survivors include his wife of the home; four sons and daughters-in-law, Stanley John and Jackie Amos of Cool, California, Winston Anthony Tony and Annette Amos of Burleson, Texas, David Allen and Debbie Amos of Rapid City, South Dakota, and Nathan Keith and Sherry Amos of Rowlett, Texas; a daughter, Sarah Janette Amos of Hobart; a brother, Josiah (Doc) Amos of Oklahoma City; seven grandchildren, Randy, Krystal, Aaron, Ashley, Amy, Stephanie and Zachary, and a great-grandchild.

The Children of Anthony & Sara Foster Fobb cont....

#5 Able Thomas Amos

Born: February 7, 1922

Died: October 11, 2004 

Able Thomas Amos was a loving father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to many, he will always be in our thoughts and our hearts.

Source: Bishnik Obituaries

 The Children of Harriet & Thomas Amos cont....

#5 Artimissie 'Artie' Amos 

b.1878 d.(?)

Roll #1605

1st Spouse: Collison Dyer

Born: ? Died: March 23, 1900

No children

(Parents: Moses and Lillie Dyer)

2nd Spouse: John S. Bohanan

b. 1880

died from a gunshot wound, year not yet known

Father: Sampson Bohanan

Mother: Anna 'Ebahotema' (a 1st Cousin of Harriet Hudson (Amos)

Children of John S. Bohanan & Artimissie:

#1 Phoebe Bohanan

Born: Jan 30, 1901

Died: Dec 1946


Isom 'Isham' Daniel Hudson

(Isom spelled and pronounced his name 'Isham')

He was born June 1st 1889

He passed from this life in January or February 1989

Dawes Roll#1801; Census Card #732; Enrolled at age 6; Full Blood Choctaw

#2 John J. Bohanan

B. 8th Jan 1907

D. 9th Dec 1988


Carrie Belle (Tonihka)

Born Feb 22, 1914

Died May 2, 2011

 Carrie Belle Tonihka Bohanan was born in 1914 and was living in Eagletown Oklahoma as of 2006. Carrie is very active and loves to attend her local church, she sews, paints, does crafts and enjoys reading her mail.

Very vivid in her memory is the loss of Carrie Belleʼs mother at a very young age and the beginning of her formal education, one in which she was not allowed to speak her Choctaw language.

Her father and grandmother cared for her and she was beside her dad at all times.

Knowing that Carrie needed an education, he and a friend drove her to Wheelock.

While she was being distracted by the Superintendent her dad walked out and left.

She chased after her father but was unable to stop him. She spoke very little English, only “yes maʼam” and “no maʼam.”

Carrie overcame and adapted to changes in her life.

She made eye contact with a young man attending Bacone as she was being transported to Oklahoma Presbyterian College.

In 1932, on October 31, they were married and enjoyed a long and happy life through lots of hardships, schools, colleges, and seminary where two Christian lives began.

Carrie did not continue her education along with her husband after they were married but began caring for the three children that blessed their lives and coping with life on a college campus.

She and the children remained beside her husband, attending meetings on local, state and national levels.

She held many offices in the womenʼs church work.

Carrie realized that the Choctaw Presbytery needed a van and she had heard about using green stamps.

She told her womenʼs group, “We can do it.”

She started a campaign for collecting green stamp books to large churches, writing letters to Presbyterian women throughout the United States.

Books began pouring in and in two years and with lots of prayers she collected the 2,000 needed books.

One name she remembers, because of who he was, Dick Clark, sent 600 books with a note from his church in Philadelphia.

It was a happy day when she and two pastors traveled from her area to Collinsville, Oklahoma, to exchange the books and drive the van home.

She dreams big, like a new beautiful church for Mt. Fork Presbyterian Church in Eagletown.

Again, she began her campaign by speaking, writing to churches, hard work, and local food and crafts sales to raise the funds needed, and again, she thanks her God because it was a reality and it is a beautiful church in the country.

Carrie is a positive person who wants people to reach out and do things for others.

She has received awards and honors on her accomplishments as working with a local teacher and local radio program, KBEL, Idabel.

News was announced in the English version and if it pertained to Choctaw families, then Carrie Belle translated in the Choctaw language.

She was supportedby Choctaw elders who encouraged and supported her actions and commended her.

Carrie used the Trail of Tears saga and performed a skit to show the people of the hardship and sadness the Choctaw people endured and also used it to help others to understand the Choctaw Removal.

She again received support from Choctaw elders and children as they worked with Carrie to carry out the skit.

She was selected as The Living Legend in McCurtain County by the AAUW in April 1966 and was also featured in Oklahoma Traditions in McCurtain County.

Carrie Belle is still very active with crafts, sewing, painting, and gardening.

At 92, her age may have slowed her down, but her daily routine begins with feeding the birds, admiring and talking to them.

She enjoys traveling and above all is proud to be able to remain at home, doing her housework and cooking for her family.

She gives thanks to God and reads her Bible daily.

She enjoys the song, “Let the Beauty of Jesus Be Seen in Me,” and we all see the twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her face. This is Carrie Belle Bohanan.


Carrie Belle Tonihka Bohanan, 97, of Eagletown, passed away May 2, 2011, at her home. The daughter of John Silas and Betsy (Hotubbi) Tonihka, Carrie was born Feb. 22, 1914, in Eagletown.

Carrie was a member of the Mt. Fork Presbyterian Church in Eagletown and a lifetime citizen of McCurtain County. She was an outgoing individual who accomplished much in her 97 years. She enjoyed painting, Native American arts and crafts, playing the piano and traveling. She will be remembered by those she met for her “smile and shiny eyes.” She enjoyed nature, especially the birds and flowers, and at one time had a radio talk show, “Smoke Signals,” on KBEL.

Carrie was always helpful to others. A motivator, she was instrumental in building the current Mt. Fork Presbyterian Church and getting the first van for the Choctaw Women’s Work. She was a very caring person who took children in need into her home.

She was preceded in death by her parents; her husband, the Rev. John Bohanan; two sons, Preston Bohanan and Lyndon Earl Bohanan; two brothers, Ray and Johnny Tonihka; two nieces, Daisy Willmon and Theda Jefferson; two nephews, John Joshua Tonihka and Larry W. McCoy; and a grandson-inlaw, James Hart.

She is survived by her daughter, Toka Lee Horse of Eagletown; two daughters-in-law, Loretha Bohanan of Eagletown and Annette Maness with husband Harold of Hillsborough, Ore.; 10 grandchildren, Lisa Bohanan, Russell and Sharon Bohanan, Jimmy and Barbie Bohanan, Tracey and Robby Risner, Tim Bohanan, Tom Bohanan, Tamara and Bob Hyde, Teresa Hart, Sharon and Dale Fitzsimmons, Lt. Col. T. Jay Hunting Horse with wife Christi; eight great-grandchildren, one great great- grandchild; several nieces, nephews, a special friend, Laura Carney of Smithville, and a host of friends.



#1 Theodore Preston Bohanan

Theodore Preston Bohanan 69, of Eagletown passed away January 18, 2006, at St. John Medical Center, Tulsa.

Theodore was born January 11, 1937, in Eagletown.

Theodore and Loretha M. Austin were united in marriage on October 15, 1957, in Eagletown.

Theodore was the grandson of John S. Tonihka.

He served in the Marine Corps. He was a member of Mt. Fork United Presbyterian Church and was the caretaker of the Tonihka Cemetery.

He enjoyed watching his children and grandchildren play sports, working on cars, and watching CNN.

Theodore enjoyed taking care of his cat, Buddy, and loved spending time with his family and friends.

He was preceded in death by his father, the Rev. John J. Bohanan; one brother, Lyndon E. Bohanan; one sister, Daisy Willmon; and grandfather, John S. Tonihka.

Survivors include his wife of the home; mother, Carrie Bohanan of Eagletown; two sons, Russell Bohanan and wife, Sharon, and Jimmy Bohanan and wife, Barbie, all of Eagletown; two daughters, Lisa Bohanan and Tracey Risner and husband, Robbie, all of Eagletown; one sister, Toka Lee Horse of Eagletown; five grandchildren, Regina and Chad Arnold of Stillwater, Justin Risner, Kayla Bohanan and Brent Bohanan, all of Eagletown, and Shawna and Klyne Hughes of Redland; three great-grandchildren, Stormi Rain Arnold of Stillwater and Brantley Hughes and Faith Hughes, both of Redland; several nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews and a host of friends.

 #2 Daisy Marie Bohanan (Willmon)

Born April 9, 1940 at Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Died: Saturday, Dec. 6, 2003

The Obituary for Daisy Marie

Daisy Marie Bohanan Willmon, age 63, resident of Idabel, Okla., died Saturday, Dec. 6, 2003 in Tulsa Regional Medical Center.

She was born April 9, 1940 at Broken Bow, Okla., to Phoebe Hudson (Bohanan) and was a member of Mt. Ford Presbyterian Church at Eagletown, Okla.; and worked for senior citizens.

She was predeceased by her mother; two half-sisters, Pauline Hampton and Velma Battiest; one half-brother, John Beaver Hudson.

Three half-brothers, Daniel Hudson of Eagletown, Okla., James Hudson of Ft. Towson, Okla., and Edwin Hudson of Oklahoma City, Okla.; and a number of nieces and nephews survived her.

Memorial services were held at 2 p.m. Friday, Dec. 12 in Mt. Ford Presbyterian Church at Eagletown with Rev.

Gene Wilson officiating, under the direction of Brumley Funeral Home of Broken Bow, Okla.

 The Children of Harriet & Thomas Amos cont.... 

 #6 Minnie Amos

Born: 1886

Died: January 28th 1931 In McCurtain County, Oklahoma

Dawes #1609; Census Card #671; enrolled at age 19; full blood Choctaw

Spouse: Milwee Bohanan

Born abt. 1874

Died 8/24/1945


 #1 Joe Bohanan - born b; ? d; 1/1993 m. Pauline Tonihka

#2 James Bohanan - b; abt 1909

#3 Walter Bohanan - b; abt 1910

#4 Irene Bohanan - b; abt 1911 d; 6/61930/31 m. Elliott Mckinney d; 1965 roll #1495

#5 Helen Bohanan - b; abt. 1913

#6 Anthony Chubby Bohanan - b; abt 1914 m.Rena Stewart

#7 Lena Bohanan - b; 12/6/1915 m. Richmond Tonihka , Hicks married 7 times

#8 Lucy Bohanan -b; 1917 m. ? Billy

#9 Missie Bohanan b; abt 1918

#10 Edith Bohanan b; 12/26/1919 d; 3/17/1985 m. Leo Winship

Luetha Louise Born on 6/23/1923 d; 6/16/1993

#11 Louetha or 

m. Chester Billy

Luetha Louise & Chester Billy and had one child named Mary Frances Billy 

History of Mary Frances Billy:

Mary married Terry Stephens

children:Christine Lynn Billy

Charlotte Ann Billy

Julie Ann Stephens

Shana Michelle Stephens

Terry Wayne Stephens

Gary Don Stephens

Shana Michelle Stephens -m- ?

children: Porshla Louise Stephens

Frances Gayle Stephens

Nikki Don Stephens

Julie Ann Stephens -m- ?

children: Sebrina Stephens

Kimberly Ann Stephens

Angenia 'Maka' Stephens 'Maka' means "spirits of angels"

Joe Don Stephens

Shawn Douglas Stephens

Mary Frances Billy is currently married to Ricky Packard and resides in Broken Bow,Ok.

#12 baby boy

#13 baby boy - both listed as deceased

#7 Mary Jane Amos

Born: 1888

Aug 14, 1928

Spouse: Simon W Billy

Born: Dec 15 1879

Died: Jan 28, 1951

Spouse: Julius Billy

Mary was his 2nd wife. Julius' father was James Billy. 

They lived in and around Talihina area. 

Some of relatives are buried in Muse cemetery. 

Ephriam Billy was his Nephew

Born: 9/20/1891

Died: 1/19/1989

Ephriam Billy, 97, of Talihina, died Jan. 19 1989 at the Choctaw Nation Indian Hospital in Talihina. He was born Sept. 20, 1891 in LeFlore County, Indian Territory. He was a lifetime resident of the Talihina area. He was a member of Lennox Christ Church. His vocation was farming. Survivors include three daughters: Roberta James of Talihina, Josephine Lenard of Louisiana, Vera Lou Dunkel of Maryland; two sons: Philistine Billy of Talihina and Bennie Nilly of Whitesboro; a sister, Lucinda Sterling of Muskogee; a brother, W.C. Billy of New Jersey.


#1 Infant "Baby Billy"

Died 1922 (in 1st Month)

#2 Maurine (Williams)

Born: 9-10-1923


Paul Curtis Williams

Born: 7-17-1916

Died 9-22-69


#1 Paul Jr.

Born: 2-17-45

Paul C. Williams Jr passed away on the 29th of May 2016 with his burial in the Sunnylane Cemetery in Del City, Ok.

#2 Franklin Dean

Born: 8-16-47

#3 Willard Roy

Born: 10-23-50

#4 James Pete

Born: 1-9-58

The Children of Harriet & Thomas Amos cont....

#8 Evelina Amos

Born: 1892

Died: 1904 when she was 18

Dawes #1611; Census Card #671; enrolled at age 13; full blood Choctaw

Other Children of Harriet & Thomas Amos listed in an 1885 census

#9 Anderson 'Andy' Amos

Born: 1879

Died: ?

#11 Ellen Amos

Born 1884

Died: ? 

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