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Songs & Poems

I Was There

I Was Born In 1814

In The Land Of Old Mississippi

I'm A Child Of Captain Meshambe

And A Sibling Of Ishtemahoke

I Was There When Our Lands Were Ceded

When That Treaty Was Force Feeded

It All Went Down On The Banks

Of Dancing Rabbit Creek

I Was There With James Hudson, The County Judge & Minister

We Loved Serving People

And Sharing The Good News

Our Son, Peter James Hudson

Was A Teacher And Our Council Leader

From Him You’ll Learn Our Histories

Of Both The Saddest And Happiest Days

He Recalls Just How It All Was

And The Way We Lived Our Lives Out

Yes, It Was Hard Back Then

But We Still Smiled

After That Long Trail Of Tears

My Name Is Ahhobatema

I Lived In Eagle Oklahoma

I Live In Another Land Now

And Dwell In Heavenly Peace

 © C. E. Hudson -2005

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