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I have learned that I am related to Susan Robinson, from Estill County, Kentucky Genelogy Dept.

I am trying to find information on Susan (Sookey) Sukey (Sukentukee) Robinson born in June 1797.  Some of the records show that she was born at the mouth of the Tambigbee River, Alabama.  Also, it  says she was been born in Muskogee, OK to "Nancy" a full blooded Choctaw and Lewis Robinson, although it states Lewis's brother, Jesse Robinson adopted her and may have called her Sara, Saucie or Sookey.

Estill County, Kentucky records show that James Townsend met Susan ( or Sookey) near New Orleans at the Battle of New Orleans in 1812. I have found a marriage certificate for James and a Sookey Robinson.

I have read somewhere that she has enough Choctaw that her children or grand children registered as part of the Choctaw Nation.  How do I find proof of DNA testing that shows I have Native American ancestory.

I need your help. Thank you!

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Crystal Phillips
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The enrollment cards of the 5 civillized tribes. Roots web has a native section that you can check by surname. I am curious I am related to many ppl in estil county ky but i have had hard time finding much out about them i think i am related to townsend to. i will look into it and get back to you

start with this link below

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Crystal Phillips
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i found who i am related to it is reece townsend he was my great grandfather on my dad's side

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